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Lead Level Designer

Job summary: Lead and develop a team of Level Designers. Organize the production of the team, manage the workforce planning and communication process with other teams.Role:
Follows up and evaluates the level design team;
Makes sure that the team has the means to apply the content and technical direction;
Leads, mobilizes and develops a team of level designers;
Prioritizes and manages the team’s day-to-day activities to ensure that there are completed on time, within budget and to production teams specifications.
Review and offer feedback on the Level Design work to ensure that it reaches the quality standards of the game;
Make sure that the content produced by the LD team follows and supports the design vision and the core mechanics of the game while staying within the game’s technical limitations;
Regularly communicate the project objectives, strategies, and general information to the LD team;
Oversee and manage the day-to-day work of the LD team (plan the work, prioritize it, set deadlines, and so on);
Handle task distribution, based on people skills, development wishes and overall planning;
Actively participate in the decision-making process with the management team and oversee the necessary adjustments to ensure that the LD team meets expectations and functions at optimal performance;
Collaborate closely with the leads of the other teams from within the project which may often be from other studios in other countries;
Be a point of contact for all topics related to Level Design;
Be able to take charge of Level Design as a discipline while promoting and building a strong collaboration culture with other job families;
Participate in the selection of team members (recruitment);
Accurately and objectively evaluate the performance of each team member and offer constructive feedback;
Handle the training and the continuous development of the LD team members (mentoring; organizing workshops, presentations and so on);
Create a work environment that is motivating for team members and that fosters development and creation;
Find solutions for complex Level Design problems;
Be exemplary and supportive to the LD team.

Requirements Experience:
At least 5 years of experience working as a Level Designer or Game Designer;
Previous experience leading/coordinating a LD team is a big plus;
Experience working on AAA games is considered an advantage.
Formal education in video game development is a plus;
Absolute passion for making games & an extensive video game culture;
Excellent ability to organize and structure his/her own work and that of the team (appraisals, control, schedule);
Leadership & decision making skills;
Excellent communication skills;
Management and planning skills;
Ability to quickly adapt to new situations;
Strong analytical skills.

Benefits that you can enjoy:
If you’re into sport we’ve got a great gym right into our studio;
We are proud of our games and we would like you to feel the same way. To get started we’ll give you goodies and games letting you choose what you like;
If you get hungry you can use your meal tickets at our local cafeteria or even grab some of the fresh fruits that are available in the office each week;
Since we value health you’ll have access to private medical system after the first 3 months;
If somehow you feel under the weather you can quickly go to our in studio doctor.
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